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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Arlington EATS thanks you for your support!

We are spicing up the food bags this week!  We would like to send home spices for the holidays for Arlington families.  If you would like to contribute, please sign up here!

Check out The Take Your Butterfly To Launch project!  The kids will be folding their origami butterflies at school this week. We hope you will snap a picture and upload to our website or on social media with a chance to a win a great prize!

More information....
If you would like to participate, Arlington EATS will offer printable origami butterflies to show our gratitude with a suggested donation of $8. The printable form includes an origami template, instructions and a gift tag, should you make a gift donation in a friend or neighbor’s name. To participate in the contest,
  • Download, print, and fold your origami butterfly.
  • Snap a photo of it at your favorite place in Arlington, a cozy lunch spot, or in a funny place for your butterfly to be. Be sure to include the Arlington EATS logo in your photo.
  • Upload your photo entries (see below), email it to or tag @arlingtoneats via Instagram,Twitter or Facebook and we’ll upload it for you.
  • Throughout December, visit our website to check-out the butterfly photos and “like” your favorites.
  • A contest winner will be selected from our website and will receive a gift certificate to a local, kid-friendly business!
If  you cannot donate at this time, we’d still love for you to participate!

Monday 12/15

During Fundations, we learned about adding a suffix s to a word to make it mean more than one.  In the word dogs the s sounds like an s, but in the word bugs the s sounds like a z.  We first tap out the baseword and then add an s, otherwise we might not be able to hear the last sound in the word.  We thought of tricky words that don't follow the rule like mouse and mice! 

Share: We talked today about sharing time during Morning Meeting.  If you are bringing something in to share, it should be very special, unique or makes you proud.  It shouldn't be a toy that you just like to play with.  We are going to begin with these criteria tomorrow!  I shared with some pictures from my weekend away.  Here's one for you!

My Aunt's wedding in St. Thomas:

Reminder- Wednesday is an 11:15 dismissal for conferences.

December PTO Update

December PTO Update

Join us to help plan the Winter Party and/or the International Festival!  We will be discussing both of these events at the December PTO Meeting on Wednesday, December 17th from7 to 9pm in the library.  Here are more details:
  • Winter Party, Saturday, January 31 from 8 pm to midnight:  All parents, staff and friends are invited to the annual Thompson Winter Party at the Arlington Center for the Arts. This is a big fundraiser for the PTO but more importantly, big fun for us parents. The evening will include dancing (DJ), hors d’oeuvres & desserts, and an open bar (beer and wine). Cost is $25 per person, adults only. If you can’t come to the PTO meeting, but would like to join the committee, please contact Melissa MacDonald.
  • International Festival, Saturday, March 14 from 11 am to 3pm:  Back by popular demand, we will be hosting an international festival again this year!  This fabulous event invites Thomspon community members to represent their heritage through displays, local food, arts, crafts, and a fashion show!  If you can’t come to the PTO meeting, but would like to join the committee, please contact Sarah Stockwell.
Firefly Moon Thompson Day, Wednesday, December 17 – 11 am to 7pm
Get all your holiday shopping done and keep your dollars in Arlington!  Shop at Firefly Moon in the heights from the end of school (early release) to 7pm, and 15% will kick back to our PTO. If anyone else comes in off the street, we still get 15%!  Be sure to mention Thompson at the register and get an additional certificate that can be used this holiday season.   

The Thompson Play is coming!
Did you know that one of Thompson's most beloved traditions is a school play held every spring? All Thompson students are invited to participate, free of charge. Grades 3-5 will have speaking parts and grades K-2 singing and dancing ensemble roles. Auditions will be held for grades 3-5 the week of January 12, and performances are scheduled for April 15 and 16. Keep an eye out for audition sign-ups soon.

Community Card Sales Challenge
Welcome to the Year End Community Card Challenge! The family to sell the most per grade gets a prize! The one class to sell the most gets a prize! Pick up your cards at pick up/drop off on Pineapple Side with Gaggi and sign the Community Card Notebook with your child grade specifications. Start with 10 cards or less, and pick up more as you sell. Winners announced after winter break.  

Don’t know Gaggi?  
She'll have a table, or bright umbrella, or blue wig, or something odd to find her. Can't find her or get to pick up/drop off? Call her at 617-909-1865, or for any special pick ups. You wanna sell 'em, she'll find you. 

But wait, I just sold a bunch of cards in October.  
Great, thanks! Your support counts towards the January count. Any cards sold in the fall, not counting Town Day, count towards the contest. Just make sure you're in the Notebook and update your child's grade. 

I have several children, which grade counts.  
All your children and grades count. Each family to sell the cards with multiple grades will have one point per grade. Twins get 2 points and triplets get 3 points.  

Ahhh, I don’t know what to get for a gift!  
Looking for that perfect festivus gift? Or, a great Hanukkah gift? Xmas, stocking stuffers, Yankee swaps... We got you covered! The Card's a great present! Give the gift that keeps giving and keep your Arlington dollars in Arlington!

Remember, all the money raised with the Cards goes directly to the PTO. Think of all the activities, field trips, extra enrichment programs your child has already experienced so far! The Card has helped  with these events. Thank you so much for your continued support,

EATS Update
Arlington EATS invites you to "Take Your Butterfly to Lunch"!  For a suggested donation of $8 (enough to feed a student 2 meals a day for a weekend), donors will be able to download an origami butterfly with printed instructions.  Fold your butterfly and snap a photo of it at your favorite place in Arlington, a cozy lunch spot, or in a funny place for your butterfly to be. Upload your photo entries at or tag @ArlingtonEATS via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook throughout December and check the Arlington EATS website to vote. The contest winner will receive a gift certificate from a locally owned business such as Henry Bears' Park, Clay Dreams, Maxima, Book Rack, Arlington Centered and others!  A donation is not required for participation and we would love to see many smiling Thompson kids with their origami butterflies!

Event recaps:
  • Fall Fundraiser - Our fall fundraiser was a huge success! We set a goal of having 100 families participate in the direct donation drive and we reached that goal in the eleventh hour of the drive! In fact, 105 families have contributed to date, and more than $7,000 was raised for the students of Thompson! Thank you so much for your generosity! Of course, we happily accept contributions all year long! Check out our website at and click the Fundraising/Donate Now tab, or click the button below. 

  • Scholastic Book Fair recap - Thank you Thompson! Between all the classroom visits and parent shoppers, last week’s book fair was our best ever, grossing more than $6,000! We took profits in the form of extra books ($1,200 worth for classroom libraries and our reading  and ELL specialists) and the rest as cash that goes straight to the PTO for future enrichment spending. Thank you to the many parents who volunteered their time during the fair and to the 2nd grade room parents for organizing a great Family Literacy Night. Last but not least, a special thank you to our amazing librarian Liza Halley who dedicated her week to helping children navigate the fair during class visits and for allowing us to take over the library space. The book fair committee would appreciate any feedback as they plan for future fairs. Please contact Tanya Serrao.

  • Literacy Night Wednesday recap - Family Literacy Night was a great success! Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped make this night possible. We had a great turn out and saw lots of smiling faces as families moved through the activity stations in the gym, played book bingo in the cafeteria and shopped in the book fair. It was great to see so many children acting out books, hearing great stories and making book related crafts and book marks. Also, be sure to check out the lists of favorite books by grade created on this night that Ms. Liza will keep in the library. A fabulous time was had by all!
  • Holiday Help Drive recap - Thank you for your help providing families in need with generous gifts this holiday season.  Through your support, we provided five Arlington families with gifts for this holiday season.  Thank you!
Request from Nurse Tami
Nurse Tami is looking for a baby monitor with one base and two monitors to use in the nurse’s office.  If you have one that you’re ready to part with, please let Nurse Tami know.

Save the date!
We have lots of fun events planned for the new year.  Mark your calendars now!
  •  1/23 Movie Night, 6:00 pm pizza, 6:30 pm show time
  • 1/31 Winter Parents’ Party, 8 pm to midnight
  • 2/27 Family Game Night
  • 3/14 International Festival, 11am–3pm
  • 4/10 Ice skating party
  • 4/15 and 4/16 School play
Stay up to date on Thompson news:
  • Check out our newly designed PTO website for the latest news, volunteer opportunities, and our link to Amazon (we get 5-15% back on purchases).
  • Join the Thompson Yahoo Group to receive all PTO-related emails.
  • Like the Thompson Facebook page to get the latest updates.
  • Do you have news for the Thompson community?  Submit them for the next PTO Update to Andrea Loeb.
Brought to you by the 2014/15 PTO Board
Andrea Loeb: President
Sarah Stockwell: Vice President
Kerry Austin-Smith: Second Vice President
Melissa MacDonald: Treasurer
Rebecca Younkin: Assistant Treasurer
Tanya Serrao: Secretary
Sheelah Ward: Assistant Secretary
Maf Terry: Enrichment Chair
Lea Walsh: Room-Parent Chair
Juliet Moir: Fundraising Chair

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This week

This week we are celebrating hour of code!  Each day the kids spend some time working alone and collaborating together to figure out how to make amazing projects on Scratch Jr. 

I will be away Thursday and Friday and Gayle Coveno will be covering my class again.  I know the kids will have a fun and busy 2 days! 

Just a reminder: Literacy Night is on Wednesday.

Math activity: combinations to 12! 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Friday 12/5

Working hard on how-to books! 
Progress reports are in your child's folder. I had a one-on-one conversation with each child on Friday about how proud I am of them as well as their goal.  Look forward to sitting down with each of you in the next week or two. 
Have a nice weekend! 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday 12/4

We had two special visitors from Swampscott Public Schools observing our class today to see Scratch Jr in action.  They were super impressed with the projects the first graders have created so far. Their task has been to make one character interact with another character, with obstacles in the way!
Here are some of the reasons why we love coding:

Working together to organize our classroom supplies!  

Tuesday 12/2

Word games- practicing am, an & all and sight words. 

Comparing containers- ask your child which held the greatest amount of water.