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Friday, April 18, 2014

Week of 4/14

Hope you all have a wonderful spring break week!  I'm looking forward to visiting my family and friends in CT this weekend :)
Many kids are excited to go shopping to get some donations for our Mothers Day gift bags.

Here's a bit of what we did this week... 

Putting stories in order with Mrs. Cummings
Beginning a new type of opinion writing- reviews
The kids have some great (and funny) reasons why you should/shouldn't do/buy something.  For example, the ice cream at one place is too expensive or the ice cream at another has too many cherries.  We'll spend the next few weeks writing reviews and giving a star rating.
Here's our class review on the best park at Thompson.  Check out all of the editing we did together too!

The first graders were so lucky to have Greg Tang led a presentation on math thinking.  He taught us to always try to make a ten.  He shared his website with us- Check out Greg Tang Math
This week during math, the kids have been exploring his online games. 
Our read-aloud on Monday was Math Fables Too.
Some examples of what we did during Math Centers this week:
Vine: Math Centers- Telling Time- 4/15 Keep practicing time to the hour! 

I became aware of a Mother's Day project through the Lowell Wish Project that I thought our kids could participate in.   Gift bags are given out to Moms that are struggling with homelessness, poverty or abuse.  The kids are so excited to put a smile on some Moms faces! 
Today the kids each decorated the outside of a bag.  Over the next few weeks, we'll be collecting donations for contents of the bag. Below are the required as well as optional contents.  We would greatly appreciate any donations you could make.  A printed list is in your child's folder.   The kids are hoping to fill all 23 bags!
Thank you for your support, 

Mother’s Day Gift Bags- Donations due May 2nd
To benefit moms struggling with homelessness, poverty or abuse
Bag contents:
Flip Flops
Full Sized Shampoo and Conditioner
Toothpaste (any size)
Lotion, body wash or soap
Deodorant-any size
White socks (1 pr) or slipper socks
Hairbrush (dollar store)
Feminine products
Candy- small box or candy bar
Day planner (dollar store)

Bath salts
Ladies shaving cream
Brag book-plastic photo holders
Small picture frames
Costume jewelry
Novels-new or used
Makeup (samples are fine)
Lib balm
Blank note cards or note pads
Disposable cameras
Gift cards $5 for Dunkin or CVS
Nail polish

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday, 4/11

Friday was Mr. Olson's last day in First Grade!  The kids threw a surprise party for him... confetti, handmade cards, sweets, and listening to some great read alouds.
David will be spending the next month in Kindergarten and we're so happy we'll still get to see him in the hallways at Thompson.
David's email is:

We ended our day outside with our fifth grade buddies. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, 4/10

Over the last few days the kids have been researching all about penguins and creating a book on Book Creator. They have been using books, fact cards and a Google Site with photographs, videos and facts.  Text to speech is getting used often!

The kids worked on some activities today about compound words.  Check out the HUGE list of compound words we thought of in this video- Vine: Compound Words  If you click on the movie, it will pause for you :)  Let me know what you think of these Vines!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wed. 4/9

Thanks to everyone that came to the concert/art show this morning!

Math Centers: One group practiced counting coins while the other group was introduced to telling time.  Tomorrow we'll switch.
Sorry for the sideways video!!

Vine: Math Centers Time & Money

Monday, April 7, 2014

Note from Nurse Tami & Events this week

Smile Dental will be coming back to Thompson on May 21st. Information will be sent home in the next few days in your child's folder.  If you would like your child to see the dentist at school, please send back the permission slip.

Student Attendance During Illness 
There are times when a student should remain at home for his/her own welfare 
and the protection of other students. Your child should remain at home if he/she 
Uncontrollable and/or productive cough 
Fever over 100.4 degrees within past 24 hours 
Vomiting or diarrhea within past 24 hours 
Sore throat and swollen glands 
Undiagnosed, suspicious rash or skin eruptions 
Earache, severe headache or drainage from eyes 
Students should remain home for 24 hours after an acute illness or after starting 
antibiotics for a diagnosed infection 

When the School nurse has to dismiss a child who is ill

When a child becomes ill at school, a parent or guardian will be notified and are 
expected to come for the child immediately. A child should never be left at school for more than an hour when ill, while waiting for a parent to come and bring him or her home.  If a parent can not pick up his or her ill child, then the alternate emergency contact person will need to come and get the student.

1:00pm- Early Release

9:00am- School wide Concert & Art Show 
6:30-8:30pm Parent Forum: Meet the principal candidates

Monday 4/7

This morning the kids wrote words with 2 syllables, both with short vowels. For example, napkin, batman and catnip.
What a group of engineers we have!!!  Using the engineering design process, the first graders built a marshmallow and toothpick tower.

Vine: Marshmallow Tower